I sometimes feel amazed that an area can support three large historic movie theaters like the Detroit Film Theatre, Michigan Theater, and Redford Theatre. In most cities, any one of these theaters would be the center of attraction for fans of alternative film programs.

Visiting these theaters reminds me of a feeling that I had when I first visited New York City. I would walk through some amazingly dynamic area, turn the corner, and discover another great area.

When I’m at one theater, it’s such a wonderfully self-contained experience that I’m barely aware of the other two theaters. So when I visit another of the three theaters, it has a novel and fresh feeling. This endless cycle of renewed interest has helped me visit these three theaters as a group for almost 20 years.

This feeling of community was the driving force behind the Detroit Movie Palaces website, which was launched 10 years ago today.

After enjoying an event at one theater, I would feel a strong desire to describe this event to visitors to the other two theaters. The website was the most appropriate way to spread that message.

To honor that sense of community, here are some blog posts about all three of the theaters:

In this season of Thanksgiving, I have gratitude for all of the staff members of the Detroit Film Theatre, Michigan Theater, and Redford Theatre for their support of this website. This support has included stage and screen publicity, website links, blog comments, and space in their lobbies for historical displays.

I also thank the theaters for giving me so much to write about. I look forward to continuing this writing for many years.

Detroit Movie Palaces Home Page

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