DFT Neighborhood

Many times before or after a movie at the Detroit Film Theatre, I’ve taken a pleasant walk around the Cultural Center. As you can see in the following photographs, it’s one of the most beautiful parts of Detroit.

(Photos taken August 2, 2009)

Here’s the parking lot where I always park for free, thanks to the parking pass that comes with each DFT ticket. My anticipation for that day’s film is always enhanced by the views of the different Cultural Center buildings as I walk towards the DFT auditorium.

Hudson’s Art Park:

Scarab Club:

Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History:

Detroit Science Center:

Looking south on John R (with Renaissance Center in distance):

Horace H. Rackham Education Memorial Building:

Quiet public space in front of Detroit Institute of Arts:

Detroit Public Library (main branch):

Detroit Institute of Arts:

Detroit Historical Museum:

Looking south on Woodward:

Looking north on Woodward (with Fisher Building in distance):

Ferry Street:

Ferry Street:

Ferry Street:

Ferry Street:

As I walk along, my “movie camera” view of the scenery often finds dramatic contrasts, like this on Ferry Street, with the Center For Creative Studies in the background:

Kirby Street:

Kirby Street:

Center For Creative Studies:

Center For Creative Studies:

To conclude our tour, let’s take a walk up the back steps of the DFT auditorium:

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