Improv at the Redford

A recent mechanical malfunction at the Redford Theatre turned into an evening of warm-hearted camaraderie for fans of this classic theater. The 8 p.m. showing of The Maltese Falcon on Saturday, July 22, 2006 was canceled because of problems with the sound equipment about a half hour before the movie. Free passes were given to patrons for any future film, and plans are being made for a showing of The Maltese Falcon in 2007.

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Citizen Kane at the Redford

The Detroit Movie Palaces help you rediscover classic films and see them in a new way. That happened again on May 26, 2006, when the Redford Theatre presented one of the standards for excellence in American films: Citizen Kane. This 1941 movie by Orson Welles has provoked more discussion about cinematic technique than almost any other film.

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Summer Vacation for DFT

Another season of the Detroit Film Theatre has ended, and fans of the DFT have several months to build up anticipation for the next season, which starts in September.

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Double Features

The Winter/Spring 2006 season of the Detroit Film Theatre included a new programming twist: Sunday double features. Visitors could attend an afternoon showing of one film, and then hang around for another movie in the evening.

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Aging Gracefully

Youth is valued in our society for its attractiveness and energy. But two recent films at the Detroit Film Theatre (Ballets Russes) and the Michigan Theater (Neil Young: Heart of Gold) showed how older people can inspire us all to age more gracefully.

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Judy Garland’s Easter Parade

When movie fans think of Judy Garland, her three most famous films might come to mind: The Wizard of Oz (1939), Meet Me in St. Louis (1944) or A Star is Born (1954). Or maybe one of her many movies with Mickey Rooney.

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The Beautiful Sounds of Silents

Imagine the joyful laughter of young children as they enjoy the misadventures of the main character of a movie. Is it the latest Pixar epic? Something from Disney?

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