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The final credits rolled as the crowd basked in the afterglow of an emotionally powerfulmovie experience.When the screengave Thank You’sto the people of Mackinac Island and the staff of the Grand Hotel, many people broke into applause. Soon, the curtains closed, and patrons filed out of the Redford Theatre, with the romantic melodies of the 1980 movieSomewhere in Timeflowing through their senses.

“The film is about findingThe One,” explainedSomewhere in Time fansociety president Jo Addie when she helped introduce the film earlier that evening (September 22, 2006). Itcould be that long-awaited love, or it could be a dream of being re-united, in this life or the next, with someone you’ve lost. “It gives people hope,” said Addie, who was an extra in the movie.

Addie was dressed in the fashion of 1912,thesetting formuch of the film. Other members of the fan club also appeared in period clothing. In the lobby, you could buy movie memorabilia like coffee cups, behind-the-scenes books and a reproduction of the photographic portrait of Jane Seymour that plays a crucial part in the film.

The evening was a pleasant convergence of interests that showed the friendly community that has gathered around the Redford. Also helping to introduce the film was Tom Wilson, a member of both the MotorCity Theatre Organ Society (which runs the Redford)and the Somewhere in Timefan society. Wilsonplays nostalgic musical favorites onthe radio show Somewhere in Time, which broadcasts on WMUZ (103.5 FM)on Sunday evenings at 6 p.m.

The movie fan club is one of several organizations that the Redford is working with this season to provide unique entertainmentfor its faithful patrons.

On October 15, the theater is teaming up with the Motor City Blight Busters and Public Art Workz to present a Motor City Memories evening with the Miracles and the Contours. On November 10, the Redford Community War Memorial Association, Inc. helps present the annualSalute to Our Veterans. In December, the Holiday Dancers of the Casali School of Dance help put on the Redford’s annual Christmas Show.

The evening also brought other reasons to look forward to the future of the Redford. Patrons can nowuse aspecial card to see a free movie for every seven paid movie admissions. And therestoration effort in the front lobby continues, adding to the cozytexture that greets visitors every time they come to the theater.

Detroit Movie Palaces Home Page

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