Improv at the Redford

A recent mechanical malfunction at the Redford Theatre turned into an evening of warm-hearted camaraderie for fans of this classic theater. The 8 p.m. showing of The Maltese Falcon on Saturday, July 22, 2006 was canceled because of problems with the sound equipment about a half hour before the movie. Free passes were given to patrons for any future film, and plans are being made for a showing of The Maltese Falcon in 2007.

The all-volunteer staff of the Redford rose to the occasion to still make it a fun evening. Stage Announcer Gregory Sumner broke the news in a humorous manner, and held the 50-50 raffle a little earlier than usual. Organist Tony O’Brien, who had already played a 30-minute concert, returned to the Barton console to dazzle the crowd with a wide variety of selections that ranged from Broadway to classical to his closing number “That’s Entertainment.”

By then, anyone who had stayed around had already enjoyed about an hour’s worth of excellent organ music in a lovingly restored old theater. Not bad for $4, even without Humphrey Bogart.

But there was more. David Martin of the Redford Theatre staff gathered the remaining crowd members around the Barton theater organ for an informal Q&A about the theater. David’s enthusiastic comments covered many aspects of the operation of the Redford, and gave everyone a deeper appreciation for the phenomenal effort that has been needed to save and maintain the Redford.

The painted woodwork of the theater had to be carefully restored from pictures, after layers of other paint were delicately stripped off. David talked about the labor of love shown by the Motor City Theatre Organ Society in caring for the theater, and the volunteer and social opportunities given by the MCTOS.

Barton Organ

David also talked about how the theater basically came along with the organ, which was the main focus of the organization that rented and later purchased the Redford. The Barton organ is a historically priceless instrument that is made of many materials (including leather). The temperature and humidity around the organ must be carefully maintained.

The visible part of the organ is a console that mechanically controls different instruments that are stored behind panels above the audience and at the side of the theater. Audience members were later given a glimpse and demonstration of these instruments, which include a gong, bells, a snare drum, metal pipes and big woodwind pipes.

The whole evening felt like another warm summer night that I spent at Tiger Stadium about 20 years ago. It was a Friday night doubleheader with the Red Sox that was delayed twice for rain delays and ended at about 2 a.m. During the delays, fans gathered under the stands, relaxing in the ambience of this impromptu summer party.

I left the Redford about 10 p.m., and many people were still hanging around the stage and the lobbies, making the most of this unique Saturday night.

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    3 Responses to Improv at the Redford

    1. Oren Walther says:

      Thanks to all of our Saturday night patrons. Although everyone was disappointed, a malfunction at the very heart of the Dolby processor prevented the movie from going on as scheduled.

      For those with inquiring minds, a transistor in the voltage regulating section suddenly had a “thermal event” resulting in damage to surrounding components, It was not possible to bypass the trouble spot or to make repairs with only a few minutes until show time. We will be working on repairs and checking out the rest of the system to be sure that no further damage was done.

      The audience was wonderfully understanding and many stayed in the theatre to enjoyed the music and take advantage of a chance to find out more about the treasure that is the Redford Theatre.

    2. Carol Paster says:

      Saturday was my fist foray to the Redford Theatre. Althbough I have seen Maltese Falcon enough times to know it by heart, I’ve never seen it on the big screen. Despite the disappointment caused by the cancellation, I had a great time. Kudos to Greg Sumner whose announcement was appropriately apologetic/mirthful, Tony O’Brien, who I could have listened to for hours, and David Martin for the tour. I had a great time, certainly got my $4 worth and an exchange ticket! I’ll be back. Good job!

    3. Administrator says:

      This adventure had a happy ending with the showing of The Maltese Falcon at the Redford on March 16-17, 2007. The lively St. Patrick’s Day crowd on Saturday night enjoyed the twists and turns of this classic Hollywood thriller that established Humphrey Bogart’s image as a cynical but sincere tough guy. One lucky patron took home $100 worth of Green, thanks to the 50/50 raffle.

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