Halloween Fun

A touch of spookiness was added to the classic detail of the Detroit Movie Palaces on the weekend before Halloween 2006. All three theaters held special Halloween events that included scary movies, frightful decorations and creative live entertainment.

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Trapped on the Big Screen

The movies are an effective way to show how helpless and afraid a person can feel. On October 21, films at two of the Detroit Movie Palaces both demonstrated the power of movies to show people trapped in threatening circumstances.

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Masks of the Far East

Many new insights have been revealed to viewers of Detroit Film Theatre films, especially in foreign language movies. The unfamiliar locations, languages and cultures of far off lands take the DFT patrons to places they’ve never been before.

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Thursdays at the DFT

Thursdays are often an energetic day when people try to get a lot of work done before the Friday feeling kicks in. When they go home from their job that day, they know they’ve finished a big part of their work week, and now they can relax a little as the weekend rolls in.

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The Best Time of the Year?

As the multi-colored leaves fall, and the afternoon light takes on a crystal clear glow, many people enjoy the stimulating pleasures of autumn. The crisp temperatures and dramatic sunsets intensify one’s feeling for life. The approaching end of another year fills a person with reflective insights. The summer season is over, fall/winter arts events have begun, and people are drawn more to indoor group activities.

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